Xiaomi Noise Cancelling Earphones (Type-C Version)

Finding a compatible USB Type-C set of earbuds hasn’t been easy, with only select devices using the new standard and many people being stuck on their existing accessories utilizing a 3.5mm plug, manufacturers have been slow to push products to market – especially any of reasonable quality.

The Xiaomi USB Type-C earbuds provide good quality sound and great design at a price that’s reasonable.

Build Quality & Materials

The Xiaomi Noise Cancelling in-ear earphones are rather well built, I find most Xiaomi products are of reasonable quality and when you consider the decent price point they’re not bad at all. The earbuds themselves are made of a glossy metal which feels good in the hands and ear, and ads just enough weight that you know they’re in your ears. The earbuds themselves are slanted in such a way that nudging them into your ears feels secure and comfortable. With various rubber fitments to adjust size, you can find a configuration that fits your body.

The Strap is made of braided materials up to the volume buttons, from there it’s sturdy rubber cord to each ear.

Sound & Noise Cancelling

The noise cancellation is activated by a small switch in the same place as the volume and pause buttons. A blue light indicated that noise cancelling is activated. The noise cancellation works, but it’s not going to compete with a pair of premium earbuds from Sony, Bose or Sennheiser. It’s important to remember that these are CAD $50 earbuds, not $200. In an office setting it will remove light chatter and gen,eral noise. In the street it’s a bit harder with cars wooshing here and there. It’s a nice addition and I enjoy it while I’m sitting at my desk and can block out conversations around me.

The sound quality is decent, high notes are crisp and overall the quality is good. Don’t expect too much bass or fullness from these Xiaomi earbuds though. Regardless, listening to Spotify in or outdoors is enjoyable and they get the job done well. They claim to handle Hi-Res Audio, but honestly, on earbuds of this size and nature, I’m just not sure how you would tell the difference.

Phone calls are great, with loud, clear voices and people have reported clear voice on their end as well. One exception is that the mic tends to pick up a fair amount of background noise, so keep that in mind if you’re going to be talking a lot in busy places, or on buses and trains.


  • Quick and easy to get going
  • Never worry about battery and charging
  • Quality materials and decent performance
  • Plug into phone part is smaller than other brands’
  • Work with Google Pixel 2


More and more manufacturers are starting to push out USB Type-C accessories, including earphones. Take a look on AliExpress or GearBest for more options and do some research. While these Xiaomi earbuds are on the more pricey end of what’s available, they work well and I’ve come to trust the quality from Xiaomi.

Technical Details

Connectivity: Wired
Plug Type: USB Type-C
Cable Length (m): 1.25m
Frequency response: 20 – 40KHz
Impedance: 32ohms
Sensitivity: 112dB

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