The Perfect Carry-On Bag

Easily Access All Your Electronics With The Incase DSLR Sling Pack.

It’s important to keep your items close to you when you travel, this is especially true for your most costly and important things like laptops, cameras and documents.

It’s nice to have a bag large enough to hold all these things but not so large that it becomes unwieldy, an added bonus is if it can fit beneath the seat in front of you on the plane or train, meaning you never have to be out of arm’s reach of your valuables.

You can roll up a jacket and attache via those tighs on the top

The Incase DSLR Sling Pack is primarily made to carry camera gear, with several velcro interior dividers you can configure the bag to fit various sized cameras and lenses, but these are entirely removable and create enough space to hold rather a bit.

The inside is lined with soft materials, the bag itself holds its shape well and the material is thick, providing a safe place for all your electronics. An inside sleeve designed to hold a MacBook or an iPad, but it can be modified simply to allow a MacBook Pro 13” to fit snugly inside.

While not advertised, it does fit a 13-inch MacBook Pro!

I use a Sony a6300 and a compact wide-angle lens so fitting my camera in isn’t an issue, I also carry a small zip pouch with chargers, cords and even the charger for my MacBook Pro.

Because this bag was designed with photography in mind there are a few key features at work that make it an excellent travel bag.

First, several of the interior pockets are mesh so you can easily see what’s inside them without having to dig through them.

Second, the unique design of the single strap and the main pocket on the side make it possible to sling the bag around to your front, unzip and access everything easily without ever taking the bag off. The intent of this is to allow you to change a lens all without having to put down your camera. But it works great to quickly get your passport out or grab whatever else you have in your bag and need quick access to while moving.

At under $100, the Incase DSLR Sling Pack is a great value that goes a long way. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in the market for a durable, compact bag that does a lot more than its advertised uses. 


  • Fits MacBook Pro 13” (with small modification)
  • Access contents without taking off your body
  • Straps can hold rolled up jacket or sweater
  • Fits beneath an airline seat
  • Straps are tightly woven seatbelt materials
  • Water resistant material


  • A single strap can be tiring on the one shoulder after prolonged wear
  • If you’re a carry-on only person, this may be a bit small, works best with a stowed luggage as well

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