My curated list of travel essentials that I use on every trip I take. The links below are affiliate links which help support the site and my travels. Thanks so much for checking out my favourite travel essentials!

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This expandable carry-on sized bag is great. With its clean design, hardshell and sturdy wheels, it’s a steal for this price. See my full review here.

Don’t get caught without something to read. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is front-lit so and uses e-ink, so you won’t straing your eyes like on a traditional tablet or phone.

Keep organized with these packing cubes. They’re extra great if you end up having to open your luggage in the airport since they’ll keep things from spilling all over the place.

No matter the class, plane or seat, there is always noise on a plane. These wireless noise-cancelling headphones from Sony will send you to your happy place, in the sky or on the ground.

Photographer or not, this sleek and easy to access bag from Incase will hold your laptop, camera or whatever other gear you need on your trip. See my full review here.

Compact, light and internal stabalization make this the perfect travel camera and a wide selection of lens at various price points make it versitale and long-lived.

A moment phone case, available for iPhone, Pixel 2 and Samsung devices. Lets you attached a small lens. A great extra to have in your bag. Pixel 2 Case here.

This camera tripod is small enough to take anywhere and useful enough you’ll be glad you did.

Compact, light and effective, this Sigma Art series lens is my do-it-all lens on my Sony.

A Travel favourite, small, light and easy to use. These USB Type-C earbuds will do the job.

Quickly move your images from your SD card to your computer with this USB 3.0 SD Card Reader from Anker. Great build quality and fast transfer speeds. Also available with USB Type-C.

An alterntative to the Xiaomi earbuds above, these ones from Razor add a bit more pop to your wardrobe with their green cords. They also sound great!

This contoured sleep mask with or without nose cover hugs your face to maximize darkness.