Visiting Warsaw, Poland

This was my first destination in Poland and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I think in my head I saw images of a still-communist country with buildings in disrepair and people that don’t speak any English.To my delight the complete opposite was true. The people were friendly, spoke English wonderfully and so much of the city was clean (very clean) and shiny.

Visiting Chernobyl, Ukraine

On the evening of the 25th of April, 1986 workers at the Chernobyl power plant in the Soviet Union, now Northern Ukraine, and Southern Belarus, shut off the safety protocols to run tests in an effort to increase the efficiency of the No. 4 reactor. What the got instead was the largest nuclear accident in history that Ukraine is tasked with cleaning and controlling to this day.
Deutsche Bahn Train

Taking Trains in Germany

As a general rule, any train trip over 3 hours and I start looking at booking a first-class ticket. In general, this ends up not being too much more expensive…
Hamburg, Germany

Visiting Hamburg, Germany

Located in Northern Germany, the ancient port city of Hamburg has a long and illustrious history going back to the 9th Century. Canals, bridges and harbour-esque architecture dot the city, especially in the southern parts of Hafencity.

IAA Frankfurt 2017

The last time I visited the Frankfurt Auto Show was in 2015, this was a fluke as I was in Frankfurt when it was happening and was so happy I…

LV Time Capsule Exhibition

The first Louis Vuitton store opened in Germany in 1977, the Time Capsule Exhibit marks the 40th anniversary of that first store. Time Capsule tells the story of Louis Vuitton using…