An Architecture Tour of HafenCity, Germany

Located just a few minutes south of the main city of Hamburg, HafenCity is a vibrant and exciting area with gorgeous architecture stretching many styles and generations. Old brick buildings that were previously warehouses for shipping now occupied by residences and offices now sit next to brand new glass and concrete structures with the same.

The Castles & Palaces of King Ludwig II

King Ludwig II ruled Bavaria, Germany as King until his mysterious death in 1864. You will no doubt recognize one of his greatest and unfinished accomplishments as the Disney castle but is properly known as Neuschwanstein Castle. All but one of his fairy tale structures went unfinished at the time of his death.

Visiting Kiev, Ukraine

The capital and largest city in Ukraine, visiting Kiev offers a tremendous amount of culture, food and shopping to offer in a unique cityscape.

4 Awesome Tips to Make Your Flight Better

If you lack the ability to blindly manipulate your own subconscious to convince yourself that flying is wonderful like I do then you may appreciate a few tips to make your next 9 hours on a flying tube more enjoyable.

Visiting Krakow, Poland

Unlike Warsaw which was destroyed during the war, Krakow remained essentially untouched by the hand of destruction. The Old Town and all it has to offer from shops, cafes and restaurants can easily take up a big chunk of your time in Krakow, but don’t forget to visit Auschwitz.

Visiting Warsaw, Poland

This was my first destination in Poland and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I think in my head I saw images of a still-communist country with buildings in disrepair and people that don’t speak any English.To my delight the complete opposite was true. The people were friendly, spoke English wonderfully and so much of the city was clean (very clean) and shiny.

Air Canada Business Class (YVR – ZRH)

Did Air Canada’s Business Class live up to the hype and marketing? In short – no. But continue reading to find out why I’d still fly it again.