IAA Frankfurt 2017

The last time I visited the Frankfurt Auto Show was in 2015, this was a fluke as I was in Frankfurt when it was happening and was so happy I could have peed myself. This time, in 2017 it was planned albeit around a different trip that just happened to coincide.

A lot of new things are released at IAA, but this year there were one or two things that really caught my attention. The Volkswagen T-Roc is a new and exciting model from VW which is essentially a smaller more chic Tiguan aimed at a younger generation. This vehicle was both cute and fun but also marks an important model in the VW lineup in the fight for compact SUV sales. VW also had their Microbus Concept on display which I thought was super cute with its bubbly styling and bright colors. It makes me want to go on a road trip – a comfortable, stylish road trip.

The T-Roc comes in a variety of bright and thrilling colors to appeal to those that want a bit of customization with their vehicle. It’s compact size, about the size of a Golf but a bit higher and with 4MOTION all-wheel drive gives a more confident driving position and command of the road ahead. Passenger space in the rear is adequate although I don’t think I’d want to sit back there for a cross-country road trip. But a drive from Vancouver to Kelowna or Calgary would be perfectly fine. Boot space provides enough room for luggage, groceries and shopping. Provided you don’t buy too much.

I really liked this car and I’m excited to see it on the road, it’s attractive, stylish and aggressive looking and should come at a reasonable price below the larger and more expensive Tiguan.

BMW had a slew of new releases including the all-new X3, X7, and the new Z4 Concept and the 6-Series Gran Coupe, which looks pretty terrible, so bad in fact I didn’t even take any photos of it because it was hard to look at. From MINI, the new electric MINI Cooper Concept which was pretty awesome looking. Of these, the X3 is the most important, again as with VW carving an important model in the SUV (SAV as BMW calls them) market.

Mazda did something interesting and different. They had a Japanese woman writing your name in Japanese characters, not only was the process beautiful but the result is unique and authentic. Well done Mazda.