Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf

We take some time out to explore the fabulous personality of beautiful Düsseldorf from the comfort of the incredible Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf.

Location & Getting There

The Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf is uniquely located at the tip of one of the many fingers of land poking into the Rhine. On one side, guests get a view of the city towards Rhine Tower while other views include the Rhine River and the recently developed area, full of new and interesting modern architecture that is sure to intrigue anyone.

Several trams operate within a couple minutes walk from the hotel making getting to and from the main train station or the airport a breeze- and don’t forget Düsseldorf isn’t so big, and you can walk most places. Altstadt is a nice, enjoyable 20 -30 minute walk along the river where you can explore several restaurants and take in some exciting views.


Architecture & Interior Design

The Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf is a very visible and distinguishable structure sitting seemingly in the middle of the Rhine. Two towers reach up 19 stories with 303 guest rooms and suites. Only one tower is dedicated to the Hyatt, the other is an office tower with various businesses inside, making for some interesting people watching if you happen to be facing the offices.

Guests enter via the ‘Golden Box’, a part of the structure with a large overhang that shelters the main entrance, this area can regularly be seen with a mélange of impressive cars lined up, or in our case, a bus ferrying the German National Team to and from practice every day.

The building was designed by a local company SOP Architects Düsseldorf and is a statement of modern and technical design, and we believe they have done an excellent job of pinning the Düsseldorf look as the building fits wonderfully with it’s surroundings but still manages to stand out.


The interior of the Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf has been expertly crafted by Dutch design company FG Stijl. Upon receiving the honour to design the interior, they were given three words to imagine the unique interiors: City, Island and Chic. With these three words in mind, FG Stijl created The Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf,  an incredible and luxurious interior, from the main lobby, its restaurants and the guest rooms.

Interiors are chic and modern while remaining clean and subtle. An example of this chic and modern design is the open concept, where the bed and bathroom share more or less the same space and the shower and bathtub are visible from the bed area. But don’t worry, you still have all the privacy you need to shower in part from the automatic blinds and blackout curtains in every room.


The city of Düsseldorf is a fashion capital and as such, the interiors must, of course, be fashionable. This was in part accomplished by creating ‘runways’ in the main lobby. Upon entering, directly to the right is the front desk, and to the left the elevators. In the middle is a relaxed seating area and a ‘runway’ to the hotel restaurant DOX, on either side is seating for those who want to see and be seen as well as seating that allows guests to hide while still getting a view of the action.

This long hallway continues into the restaurant with carpet that continues the hallway form down the center towards a grand staircase at the end. This simple and subtle feature embodies fashion and style while remaining functional and unique. Not to mention the colours, decor and general style of the lobby and the rooms is modern and fit for a New York socialite.

Regency Club

The Regency Club located on the top floor of the building allows guests a good clear view of the iconic cathedral, The Cologne Dom, approximately 35 kilometres away. Club guests enjoy breakfast and daily refreshments 18 floors above the beautiful city.  So many unique touches make the Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf a unique and exciting place. In fact,  if you look closely you can see the accent rug below the table has been woven to imitate the Rhine River.

Unique Experiences

When the hotel had their soft launch in 2010, they had a partnership with Porsche, the hotel has since moved to Land Rover. With this transition comes the Adventure Package – a two-day adventure that combines some of our favourite things: hotels, dining and driving! Take an all-terrain boat up the Rhine to Kaiserswerth where it will drive directly on land and allow you to explore the historic area just outside of Düsseldorf. On the second day, guests enjoy 45 obstacles in an old stone quarry while learning how to best drive a Land Rover at the Land Rover Experience Centre.

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