HTL Hotel Upplandsgatan, Stockholm

A trendy hotel within walking distance of most of the city as well as cafes and shopping. You won’t be disappointed if you’re spending a few nights here!

Checking In

A few taps of my fingers on the screen at the ‘front desk’ and I was getting my room card. It was so simple I actually got to my room and thought ‘wow did I just check in?’. This was especially wonderful after spending the last 14 hours on planes and in airports.

Oh, and to check out, you just drop your room key in a mailbox like bin at the door.

Comfort + Design

As in most Swedish design, the property feels like it has a purpose. Rooms are small but feature clever design and hidden features to make your life easier. For example, the end of the bed is free of any obstructions, allowing you and a guest to both slip luggage out of the way when not in use, that is of course as long as you travel with carry-on sized items.

Each side of the bed features two power plugs as well as two built-in USB plugs, making charging super easy. The room has a plethora of wall knobs of various sizes for you to hang, well anything. I used them to put my shirt and pants on and even washed a pair of socks that I was able to easily dry by hanging them on separate knobs.

The bed was a typical Swedish affair with a firmer spring(like) base and a thick memory foam top layer several cm thick. the whole thing was topped off with an individual-sized duvet (there’s another in a drawer under the bed along with extra towels) and a footed blanket, that when I slept was all I needed to keep warm.

The bathroom features a wonderful and very powerful rain shower if you turn it up that water pours down on you so quickly if there wasn’t a drain in the floor you’d be swimming awfully fast. I found the bathrooms to be clever and smart, just enough stuff to get me by and nothing to get in the way.

Service + Staff

The staff at this property is a younger crowd, which is great because the hotel seems to attract a young vibrant guest. Rooms were clean and tidy and in good repair and the whole property had a good appearance about it.

The staff in the lobby were always happy to chat or make recommendations and help out so don’t be afraid to say Hej Hej and ask questions!

Location + Recommendations

The HTL Upplandsgatan is located just a 5-8 minute walk from the exit of the Arlanda Express and just an extra minute from the rest of the trains. If you’re arriving from the airport or train there is no need for a cab or bus.

Take a quick wander east as soon as you exit the hotel when you reach Drottninggatan go right and you’re on a street that goes nearly the entire length of the city with shops, cafes and many things to see. Check out the Espresso House just a few steps down on the left.

From this hotel, you’re set to explore the city on foot or by train, get out and see Stockholm! It’s super easy to walk everywhere.