Gift Guide: 5 Travel-Friendly Gifts for Frequent Flyers


Have a friend or family member that likes to travel for pleasure or work? Here’s a selection of travel-friendly gifts for frequent flyers.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

It may be a cliche but the Kindle Paperwhite is a wonderful thing and the latest version is even better! Now waterproof, with a better screen, it’s the perfect gift someone with everything even if they don’t travel!

Price: $130

Buy From: Amazon


For those that don’t like reading (I know it can be tiresome) there is Audible. Listening to an audiobook has never been easier or more enjoyable. I suggest Artemis by Andy Weir, the brilliant author behind the movie The Martian.

Price: $15 – $150

Purchase: Gift Audible | Free Trial (Get 2 Free Books)

Portable Powerbank

Price: $35

Purchase: Amazon

Microsoft Surface Go

Price: Starts from $399

PurchaseMicrosoft Store

Nord VPN

Nord VPN can be used for advanced security when on public and open wifi but it also allows viewing of regionally restricted content on Netflix, Amazon or other streaming services. Great for those on the go or in search of a bit of extra security.

Price: As low as $3/month

Purchase: Nord VPN

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